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Usage Agreement " RehlaDone"

This Agreement, together with its terms and conditions, represents the legally binding provisions and rules between you and “Easy Business Interaction”. It governs your use of the Company’s RehlaDone application, websites, content and Services (hereinafter referred to as “Easy Business Interaction”, “EBI”, “the Company”, “RehlaDone”, “we” or “our”) in any country in the world. The Company is a limited liability Company was founded in the Arab Republic of Egypt under No. 18675.

Upon accessing and using RehlaDone Services and features through our website or application, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. This Agreement expressly replaces the previous contract or arrangement with you and, therefore, must be read carefully prior to receiving or using the Services.

1. Contractual relationship:

1.1.This Usage Agreement stipulates the terms of your access or use of applications, websites, content, contact center, platform, e-payment services, products, and services (collectively referred to as “RehlaDone Services”) as an individual within any territory of any country.

1.2. EBI may immediately terminate this Agreement or any of RehlaDone Services provided to you. It shall also generally have the right to stop the provision of Services or completely or partially deny your access thereto at any time for any reason whatsoever.

1.3. Complementary terms and conditions apply to RehlaDone services (e.g. policies for a specific event, activity or promotional campaign). These Services-related complementary terms and conditions will be disclosed to you, and shall be added to the terms and conditions herein provided for the purpose of the provision of Services and be considered an integral part thereof. The complementary terms and conditions shall prevail over these terms and conditions in the event of conflict with regard to the Services.

1.4. EBI amends the Services-related terms and conditions from time to time, so that these amendments shall apply once they are published by RehlaDone on the application or website, or when the Services-related modified policies or complementary terms and conditions are published. Your continued access to, or use of, the Services after such a publication constitutes your agreement to be bound by this Agreement, as amended.

1.5. We collect and use personal data in respect of the Services in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy, which provided for in Clause 1.6 of this Agreement.

1.6. You hereby represent to have read and accepted RehlaDone Privacy Policy, and expressly agree to our Company providing the necessary information (incl. your contact information) to the legal authorities for the settlement of claims or insurance companies in the event of complaints (incl. accidents), disputes or differences between you and the external service provider or a third party during your use of RehlaDone Services, to the extent that this information or data is necessary to settle the complaint, dispute or difference.

2. License:

2.1. Subject to your compliance with the Agreement in whole, Easy Business Interaction grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable, non-assignable, and non-transferable license to:

2.1.1. Access and use RehlaDone application on your personal device only for the use of RehlaDone Services; and

2.1.2. Access and use any relevant content, information and materials that may be made available through RehlaDone Services, in each case, only for your personal, non-commercial use.

2.2. Provision of RehlaDone Services:

2.2.1. You agree that parts of the Services may be provided under EBI various trademarks or ordering options related to transportation or logistics services, including without limitation the types of transport services currently referred to by RehlaDone.

2.2.2. You acknowledge that the Services may be offered under our company's trademarks, or under order options, through subsidiaries and affiliates of Easy Business Interaction, or by independent third-party service providers, or permits holders under transportation agreements and regulations.

2.3. Third-party services and content:

2.3.1. RehlaDone Services are provided and accessed in cooperation with third-party services and content (incl. advertising).

2.3.2. You acknowledge that different terms of use and privacy policies may apply to your use of the third-party services and content.

2.3.3. Easy Business Interaction does not endorse the third-party services and content and will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any of the third-party products, services and content.

2.3.4. Google, Microsoft Windows, Apple and/or their affiliates, or any other applicable mobile operating system, shall be deemed external beneficiaries hereunder, in the event that you access the Services using the designed applications for Apple iOS, Android or Microsoft Windows -operated mobile devices. Those external beneficiaries are not parties hereto and are not responsible for providing or supporting services in any way whatsoever. Your access to services using these devices/ operating systems shall be subject to the terms stipulated in the applicable external beneficiary service terms.

3. Restrictions:

In addition to the general obligations stipulated herein, you may not:

3.1. Seize any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right for any part of RehlaDone Services without the prior express written consent of Easy Business Interaction;

3.2. Reproduce, modify, prepare derivative works from, distribute, rent, sell, license, resell, transfer, publicly display or implement, transmit, broadcast, circulate, publish, or exploit RehlaDone Services in any way whatsoever, unless expressly permitted by the Company;

3.3. Dismantle, engineering-reverse, or tamper RehlaDone Services;

3.4. Link, reverse, or frame any part of RehlaDone Services;

3.5. Cause, create or launch any programs or texts for the purpose of disposing, indexing, scanning, or exploiting RehlaDone data or any part of RehlaDone Services in any way whatsoever;

3.6. Hindering the operation of any function of RehlaDone Services; or

3.7. Attempt to obtain unauthorized access to, weaken or converge any aspect of RehlaDone Services or the relevant systems or networks.

4. Services:

4.1. RehlaDone Services constitute a technical platform that allows RehlaDone users to arrange and schedule transportation services with independent external service providers. The Company does not provide these services as carrier, but rather as an intermediary.

4.2. Each service provided to you by the external service provider constitutes a separate legal agreement between you and him.

4.3. You acknowledge that RehlaDone does not provide any form of transportation services or functions like a transport company or service provider, nor do they own any vehicles for transportation, and that all these transportation services are provided by independent external transport service providers, who are licensed in accordance with the laws of the state.

5. Ownership:

RehlaDone Services and all the relevant rights are the property of Easy Business Interaction Company. Therefore, neither these terms nor your use of the Services give you any rights in:

5.1. All what relates to RehlaDone Services, except for the limited license granted above; or

5.2. Use or refer in any way whatsoever to the name of Easy Business Interaction, logos, product names, services, trademarks, or service marks, or those of RehlaDone application or its licensors.

6. Usage of RehlaDone Services:

6.1. User account:

6.1.1. In order to use RehlaDone Services, you shall sign up for and maintain an active RehlaDone Services profile.

6.1.2. You must be at least 18 years old or be of legal majority in your jurisdiction (if it is not 18 years old).

6.1.3. To create and maintain an account, the sign up process requires you to provide certain personal information to RehlaDone, such as your name, address, mobile number, age, and at least one valid payment method (e.g. cash, credit card, acceptable payment partner, or RehlaDone Cash).

6.1.4. You agree to provide RehlaDone with accurate, complete and up-to-date information on you in your account. If you fail to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information in your account, or provide invalid information (incl. an invalid or expired payment method), this may lead to your inability to access RehlaDone Services or the Company will have to terminate and cancel all activities and services in accordance herewith.

6.1.5. You are fully responsible for all the activities that take place through your account. Accordingly, you will have to maintain at all times the security and confidentiality of your account username and password.

6.1.6. You are entitled to have only one account, unless EBI otherwise allows in writing.

6.2. User (customer) requirements and behavior:

6.2.1. You may not allow others to use your account.

6.2.2. You are not permitted to allow those who are under 18 years old or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction (if it is different from 18 years old) to receive transportation and logistical services from external service providers unless they are with you.

6.2.3. You may not assign or transfer your account in any way whatsoever to anyone else.

6.2.4. You agree to comply with all applicable laws when using RehlaDone Services, and may not use RehlaDone Services for illegal purposes (e.g. RehlaDone Services may not be used to transport illegal or dangerous materials).

6.2.5. While using RehlaDone Services, you may not annoy, harm, harass or damage the property of external service providers or any third party, and you will bear full legal responsibility in the event of a breach of this.

6.2.6. In certain cases, you may be required to provide proof of identity to access or use RehlaDone Services. Accordingly, your access to or use of RehlaDone Services may be denied if you fail or refuse to provide proof of identity.

7. Platform site and application policy:

7.1. RehlaDone collects information that helps determine your location, including GPS information, There are many ways through which location information creates a smooth and trouble-free experience.

7.2. The seat price is determined for the trip; When adding the trip by the external service provider.

7.3. Your location will be used to facilitate pick-up and drop-off with the external service provider, display trip status, history and bills, facilitate search, select trips, make trips, enable social features, enhance the security of our users’ accounts and their safety, and prevent and control fraud.

7.4. Text messages:

7.4.1. Upon creating your account, you agree that RehlaDone may send you some informational text messages in the context of your normal use of the Services.

7.4.2. Text messages are used to activate the account, through which the verification code is entered: [OTP].

7.4.3. You acknowledge that refusal to receive text messages may affect your use of the Services.

7.5. Promotional codes:

EBI may, at its absolute discretion, add promotional codes to user account, which may be refunded or replaced with other Services-related benefits. This remains subject to any additional conditions deemed by the Company on each code. For that purpose, you agree to the following:

7.5.1. Using the promotional code by the public will be for the purpose of achieving its goals in a legal manner;

7.5.2. Promotional codes may not be copied, sold, or transferred in any way whatsoever, or made available to the public (whether purchased on a generic form or otherwise), unless the Company expressly allows that;

7.5.3. The Company may disable promotional codes at any time and for any reason whatsoever without assuming any legal liability;

7.5.4. The promotional codes can only be used according to the special terms set by EBI for each promotional code;

7.5.5. The payment method may not be replaced with promotional codes;

7.5.6. Promotional codes may expire before you use them.

7.5.7. The Company reserves the right to withdraw or deduct the added balances or benefits obtained through the use of promotional codes by your account, if it finds or believes that the use or obtainment of promotional codes was by mistake, fraud or illegal action, or in violation to the terms of the applicable promotional codes or this Agreement.

8. Payment:

8.1. User – customer:

8.1.1. You understand that the use of RehlaDone Services charges you for fare against the services you receive from the external service provider.

8.1.2. The payment includes other applicable fees and surcharges, including reservation fees, national, provincial and municipal fees, airport surcharges, processing fees for split payments, and the taxes applicable under country law.

8.1.3. The fees you pay are final and non-refundable.

8.1.4. All fees are due on immediate effect, and RehlaDone will facilitate payment using the preferred payment method specified in your account, after which your trip history will be updated in your account with a trip receipt. RehlaDone may also send you a receipt via email.

8.1.5. You agree that the external service provider reserves the right to set, or revise fees for any or all services obtained via RehlaDone At his discretion before confirming the trip booking. Furthermore, you agree that applicable fees in certain geographical areas may increase significantly according to the region or during times of high demand. RehlaDone will make reasonable efforts to inform you of the fees that may be applied, provided that you are responsible for the fees made through your account regardless of your level of awareness or knowledge of these fees.

8.1.6. RehlaDone may, from time to time, provide specific users with promotional offers and discounts that may result in different amounts being collected for the same services that you obtained via RehlaDone. You agree that these promotional offers and discounts, unless they are available to you too, will not have any effect on your use of RehlaDone Services or the fees applicable to you.

8.1.7. RehlaDone does not allocate any part of your payments as a tip for any external service provider.

8.1.8. Any statement made by the Company on its website, application or marketing materials to indicate that gratuities are “voluntary”, “not required”, and/or “not included” in the payments they make for the Services does not mean that the Company is providing any additional amounts for the external service provider. It only make the payments shown above.

8.1.9. You understand and agree on your part that while you are free to make additional payments by way of voluntarily tip to any of the external service providers outside of the service, you are not obligated to do so.

8.1.10. After you have obtained the Services, you will have the opportunity through the Services to evaluate your experience and provide additional comments on the external service provider.

8.2. User –external service provider

8.2.1. The service fee payable by the Users-Customers will be determined by you, when adding the trip.

8.2.2. The External Service Provider reserves the right to impose a separate usage fee on each trip.

8.2.3. You authorize EBI to provide the customer user with a receipt on your behalf. You shall assume any taxes or fees payable in connection with fees charged from the user in cash.

9. Pricing:

9.1. In addition to what is stipulated in Paragraph "7.2", services fees may be affected according to the type of vehicle registered for the external service provider.

9.2. The pricing is calculated according to the following factors: the price of the kilometer traveled during the trip, the price of the time calculated during the trip, the price of road and gate fees, if any, additional airport fees, if any, government fees, tax fees, compensatory fees, if any, peak time fees, if any, RehlaDone discounts, if any.

9.3. RehlaDone reserves the right to amend any applicable pricing terms from time to time without any prior notice to you.

10. Liability and compensation:

10.1. Disclaimer:

10.1.1. Services are provided according to their status and availability for the time being. The Company is not responsible for any representations, undertakings or guarantees regarding the accuracy of dates, quality, suitability, availability of services during the use thereof, or regarding the non-interruption or absence of faults.

10.1.2. Easy Business Interaction disclaim their responsibility for all representations and undertakings, whether express or implied, which are not expressly stated in this Agreement.

10.1.3. RehlaDone will enforce the highest standards and conditions to suit external service providers, but the Company does not guarantee the quality, suitability, safety, or ability of the external service providers.

10.1.4. You agree to be fully responsible for all risks arising from your misuse of the specified services to the maximum extent permitted under the law in force in your country.

10.1.5. The location data provided by RehlaDone services is only intended for the basic service purposes not to be relied upon in situations that require accurate location information or when the location is wrong, inaccurate or incomplete.

10.1.6. Neither EBI nor any of its agents guarantee the Availability, accuracy, completeness or reliability of location data and geographical data that is tracked or displayed through the Application or any of your informations.

10.2. Limitations of liability

10.2.1. The company will not be responsible, unless proven wrong for:

10.2.2. direct, indirect, incidental, special, cautionary, punitive, or consequential damages, including loss of profits, loss of data, personal injury or property damage associated with or in any way caused by the use of the Services, even if RehlaDone has been informed of the possibility of such damages; or your inability to access or use the Services, or any business transaction or relationship between you and any third party service provider, or delay or failure to perform arising from causes beyond RehlaDone's reasonable control. You agree on your part that external transportation service providers who provide RehlaDone services requested through many types of requests may provide ridesharing or transportation-sharing services.

10.2.3. Under no circumstances may RehlaDone overall liability towards you, if it is proven to have committed any fault with regard to the Services, against all damages, losses, and causes of action exceed five hundred dollars.

10.2.4. You may use RehlaDone Services to request and schedule transportation or logistic services by external service providers, but you agree that the Company will not bear any responsibility or obligation towards you regarding any transportation or logistic service provided to you by external service providers except as expressly stated in this Agreement.

10.3. Compensation:

You agree to indemnify and absolve EBI and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims, requests, losses, liabilities and expenses (incl. attorneys’ fees) arising from or related to the following:

10.3.1. Your use of RehlaDone Services;

10.3.2. Your breach or violation of any of the aforementioned terms or conditions;

10.3.3. RehlaDone’s use of your user content;

10.3.4. The value of damages that holds you legally accountable in the event that the compensation specified by the Company is refused; or

10.3.5. Violation of third party rights, including external service providers and other users or third parties.

10.4. Repair or cleaning fees:

10.5. You expressly agree hereunder that you will be responsible for the cost of necessary repair or cleaning of the external service provider’s vehicles and property arising from the use of RehlaDone Services included in your account in a way that exceeds the damages resulting from “normal wear and tear” and “necessary cleaning”. Lost luggage and property:

10.5.1. You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that your belongings are taken from the external service provider’s vehicle at the end of the trip.

10.5.2. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of your luggage or any of your possessions whatsoever.

10.5.3. you are entitled to; Bring one handbag, and in case there is one and/or other bags; Small and/or large, you must inform the external service provider of this when adding the trip, and take approval, and the company will not be responsible for negligence or decisions resulting from that.

10.5.4. In the event that the Company is notified of forgetting or losing personal belongings on the trip, the necessary action will be taken when such belongings are found and if it is not received within a period not exceeding one month from the time it is found, it will be disposed of in the manner that the Company deems appropriate.

10.5.5. Any left or lost bag will be directly opened and inspected. If there is anything dangerous, spoilable or unfit for storage, the spoiled objects will be disposed of 48 hours after finding them.

10.5.6. Medicines, cash, private and official documents, or any other valuable items shall be carried in the small handbag and be with the user at all times without any liability on the Company.

11. Dispute resolution and governing Law:

Disputes shall be resolved through amicable solutions. If a dispute is not resolved amicably, it shall be referred to Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC) and an arbitration committee of three arbitrators shall be formed. Each party shall choose an arbitrator and the two arbitrators shall choose the third arbitrator to head the arbitration committee. Arbitration shall be subject to the law applicable to Easy Business Interaction headquarters.

12. Content provided:

12.1. User content. Any user-generated content shall remain the user’s own property. However, once the user-generated content is submitted to EBI, you grant it a global, permanent, irrevocable, non-transferrable and privilege-free license, together with the right to sublicense, use, copy, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly display and perform, and exploit the user’s content in any way whatsoever and through currently known distribution channels or those to be known in the future (incl. those related to the Company’s services and business as well as the third-party websites and services), without sending you additional notifications or obtaining your approval and without need to pay you or any other person or entity.

12.2. The Company shall have the right to allow you at its absolute discretion, from time to time and in any way whatsoever to providing, upload, publish, or provide textual, audio, and/or visual content and information to RehlaDone through the Services, including service-related comments, creating support requests, and providing inputs for competitions and promotions.

12.3. You undertake and warrant the following:

12.3.1. You are either the exclusive and sole owner of all user content, or have all rights, licenses, approvals and exemptions necessary to grant a license to the Company to use user content in the manner stipulated above;

12.3.2. The user’s content, your submission, uploading, or publishing thereof, providing it in any way whatsoever, or the use of that content by RehlaDone will not constitute violation, embezzlement or breach of any of the intellectual property rights, private rights, copyrights or privacy of a third party, and will not lead to the breach of any of the applicable laws or regulations;

12.3.3. You agree not to provide any defamatory, hateful, violent, obscene, pornographic, illegal or otherwise offensive as determined by the Company at its absolute discretion, whether this material is protected by law or not. The Company may review, monitor or remove user content at its absolute discretion at any time for any reason without notifying you, but it is not obligated to do so at the same time.

13. Access to the network and devices:

13.1. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary network access data to use the Services.

13.2. The data and message prices and fees of the telecommunications network to which you subscribe may apply to you. You shall assume any such prices and fees.

13.3. It is your responsibility to acquire and update the appropriate devices necessary to access and use the Services and applications and any updates thereof. The Company does not guarantee that the Services, or any part thereof, will operate on any specific equipment or devices. In addition, the Services may suffer from faults and delays inherent in the use of internet and electronic communications.

14. General provisions:

14.1. In order to provide a comfortable and convenient transportation service for the customer user and their permitted luggage on the specified trip, the external service provider shall make every effort to achieve this and work to reduce any obstacles to the trip.

14.2. A trip may be canceled or its time modified. This may be the result of factors beyond the Company’s control or the external service provider, such as weather, road accidents, security instructions, emergency technical problems, or any other force majeure circumstances. In this case, the user is not entitled to claim any compensation as a result of any potential damages that may occur accordingly.

14.3. In the event that the user wishes to make any comments or report any problem or complaint regarding the Services, this can be done through official channels such as the Company, hotline, official website or application. We will investigate the complaint and return to the user as soon as possible.

14.4. Places for breaks shall be determined by the external service provider, according to necessities. You shall adhere to the instructions of the external service provider and return to the vehicle exactly in the set time.

14.5. Customer user’s obligations:

14.5.1. Proof of identity;

14.5.2. Adherence to fastening the seat belt;

14.5.3. Commitment to preserve the vehicle from the inside, and not to cause any damage thereto in any way whatsoever; and

14.5.4. Commitment to respect, morals and public ethics during the trip towards the external service provider or any other third parties.

14.5.5. Any breach of your obligations, referred to in this agreement, will lead to banning you from the application, stop dealing with you, and putting you under legal liability.

14.6. Children

Children up to the age of eighteen cannot ride in the front seats of a vehicle.

14.7. Prohibited luggage and items:

14.7.1. In cases of joint transport, the passenger is not allowed to open the luggage during the trip except with the approval and supervision of the external service provider.

14.7.2. Legally prohibited items are not allowed on board the vehicle.

14.7.3. Except as provided in paragraph 15.7.7, taking or shipping live animals, birds and fish, or shipping any food or frozen food by any means is subject to the conditions and approval of the service provider when adding the trip.

14.7.4. The external service provider has the right, to refuse to carry any of the following things in the bags, and the customer is obligated not to take it on board the vehicle: Compressed gases (e.g. highly cooled, flammable, non-flammable and toxic, and scuba cylinders); Sharp materials; Corrosive materials (e.g. acids, alkalis and liquid cell batteries); Pathogenic agents (e.g. bacteria, germs, etc.); Explosives, weapons, ammunition, pyrotechnics, flares, pistol capsules, shooting rifle, fireworks pistol, shotgun cartridges; Flammable liquid and bulk materials (e.g. fuel for lighters or heaters, matchboxes, paints, paint extension fluids, lighters and flammable materials); Radioactive materials, oxidizing materials (e.g. bleaching powder and peroxide), toxic substances (e.g. arsenic, cyanide, insecticides and pesticides), and other substances (e.g. mercury and magnetic materials); Any appliances or equipment with mercury; or Bicycles or similar means. Carrying medical fluids and materials, and toiletries materials are subject to the approval and conditions of the external service provider when adding the trip.

14.7.5. These controls guarantee the safety and security of the vehicle and users. The non-compliance to these controls places the user-customer under the legal liability.

15. Terms and obligations of the external service provider:

15.1. The external service provider must be a holder of a valid driver’s license in the region.

15.2. Commitment to respect, morals and public morals during the trip towards the external service provider or any third parties.

15.3. The external service provider may not be convicted of criminal offenses, reckless driving history, driving without a license, or driving without the necessary insurance.

15.4. The external service provider should not have caused any fatal accidents.

15.5. The external service provider shall provide the Company with personal information, name, photo, address, phone number, age, gender, ID number and a photocopy of it, vehicle insurance copy, vehicle authorization copy, vehicle license copy, vehicle data and plate number.

15.6. To notify the company via the “RehlaDone” application of the start and end of the trip.

15.7. Any breach of your obligations; referred to in this Agreement, will lead to your being banned from the Application and the termination of dealing with you; It also puts you under legal liability.

15.8. In respect of developing RehlaDone platform, you, as an external service provider, shall agree to the following:

15.8.1. Collecting information on you, including your driving history, safety information and other records related to your ability to provide the services as a service provider;

15.8.2. Providing any claims processor or insurance company with any necessary information (incl. your contact information) in the event of a complaint or dispute involving an accident, or if you are involved in what necessitates the provision of such information or data to resolve the complaint or dispute;

15.8.3. Not to promote or advertise RehlaDone competitors. Your failure to comply with this clause may result in the denial of your access to RehlaDone platform or the termination of this Agreement;

15.8.4. The Company reserves the right to review your performance from time to time while you provide services. The Company shall have the right to conduct the review anonymously by RehlaDone employees or an independent third party contracted by Easy Business Interaction. The Company may also collect personal information on you, including but not limited to photos and videos during this review. You acknowledge that we may restrict your access and use of RehlaDone platform or terminate this Agreement as a result of any review;

15.8.5. You are exclusively responsible for the maintenance of your vehicle. You will be responsible for a full periodic inspection of your vehicle (at least once every calendar year) from a pre-approved EBI service provider.

15.9. As an external service provider, you represent, warrant and undertake to:

15.9.1. Comply with all applicable laws in the territory;

15.9.2. Update all required permits, licenses, approvals, records, and any other government papers necessary to conduct, implement, and continue to use RehlaDone’s basic system and provide RehlaDone Services; and

15.9.3. Provide the necessary liability insurance and other insurances necessary for the provision of RehlaDone Services.

15.10. Customer service:

Your task is to transport the customer users to their destinations and work to provide them with this service safely without exposing them to any accidents or injuries caused by you or any third party. For that purpose, you will not do the following:

15.10.1. Commit reckless behavior while driving;

15.10.2. Using a vehicle that is unsafe to drive;

15.10.3. Allow a third party other than the customer to accompany you in the car in the event of booking private trips;

15.10.4. Drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any substance that hinders service provisions or exposes users to danger;

15.10.5. Take any action or fail to take any action that harms or threatens the safety of users or any third party;

15.10.6. Attempt to defraud EBI or users, and if there is any suspicion that you have engaged in fraudulent activity, EBI may take any appropriate measures including but not limited to; Termination of this Agreement as well as notification of the relevant authorities and/or take criminal procedures against you.

15.10.7. Refuse aid animals of disabled users to get on board.

15.11. Training:

You understand and agree that RehlaDone platform may from time to time interview and provide training to you. Any such training provided by the Company will not violate your obligations hereunder, and the Company will not bear any responsibility for your actions, performance or behavior.

16. Claims of copyrights infringement:

Claims of copyright infringement shall be sent to the Company. Or kindly visit RehlaDone website www.rehladone.come for the additional information.

17. Notifications:

The Company may send notifications either by sending general service notifications, or by sending an email to your email address registered in your account, or via text messages or notifications through the Application Platform. You can send notifications to the company by written correspondence at the following address: 307, Third Floor - 49 Abbas El Akkad Street - Cairo - Arab Republic of Egypt.

18. Trip cancellation:

The trip may be canceled for reasons beyond the control, or because of force majeure, and if the company finds that the cancellation is repeated without a convincing reason, this will lead to a weak evaluation, and thus to a ban from the application, and stop dealing.

19. Vehicle quality:

As an external service provider, you warrant and undertake to provide RehlaDone services to users in a vehicle that is suitable, legally operated by you, in a good operating condition, in compliance with safety standards, and not inconsistent with the relevant regulations issued by the transport authority in the territory wherein services are provided.

20. Final provisions:

20.1. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by RehlaDone licensors.

20.2. The user shall verify all the information displayed on RehlaDone application.

20.3. You must ensure being on board of the correct vehicle.

20.4. No quotation or transfer of this Agreement is permitted without the prior approval of EBI.

20.5. No joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship will arise between you as a user and EBI, as a result of using “RehlaDone” Services.

20.6. In the event that any of the provisions hereof becomes partially or completely ineffective, inapplicable, illegal, unenforceable under any law, the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected and shall remain viable and enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by the law. The illegal, invalid, void or inapplicable provision/ part of provision shall be replaced by a legal, valid, and enforceable provision/ part of provision provided it has a similar effect, to the maximum extent possible, to the illegal, invalid, void or inapplicable provision/ part of provision, taking into account the content and purpose of this Agreement.