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Specializing in transportation and facilitating the movement of many sectors of Egyptian society between different towns and cities.

Transport and Logistics Platform (Rehla Done)  This section is specialized in transporting goods and services and facilitating
the movement of traffic for individuals and groups between countries and between cities within the same country, with the least effort and the fastest time, at a lower cost and greater speed, adhering to the occupational safety system and taking into account the environmental dimension. We also seek to provide good job opportunities for many individuals, so that a daily/monthly source of income is provided to meet their
needs and satisfies the ambition of their families. Also, the environmental dimension has had a great presence in this aspect, so for that we work to reduce emissions resulted of transportation, reduce pollution risks, and mitigate climate change, which troubles the world due to the steady increase in the various means of transport by land, sea, and air, and we aim to provide and transport these goods with the least effort and the fastest time

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